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Ashley Tiffaney is a multi-talented journalist and producer from Queens, New York. The media maven has worked on camera and behind the scenes video editing, writing scripts and in the control room. Growing up, Tiffaney's father always played hip-hop and R&B music around her. Her parents decided to enroll her in piano lessons at the age of eight. She grew a strong liking into all types of music. Some of her many talents are creative writing, graphic design and producing. 


“I love listening and gaining new knowledge about the history of hip-hop, especially 90’s hip hop and R&B. I want to visually keep the era alive with my work.”


Her passion and love for 90’s hip-hop era led to the birth of her radio show, Stay ON radio at the City College of New York (WCCR 590AM “The One”). Her show consisted of playing hip-hop and R&B tunes from the 90’s and early 2000’s and interviewing rising artists. She has held a Marketing position at Sirius XM and is currently freelance reporting for outlets. Tiffaney's series, Stay On TV first aired in January 2018. The show is currently on its 4th season. Ashley's hopes is to help others share their story to world and to do whatever else God has planned for. 


With a degree in Creative Writing and Communications, her next sights are set on perfecting her On Air techniques, acting, video directing and becoming a music executive.


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