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Ashley Tiffaney, is a multi-media personality, digital marketer, and producer from Queens, New York.

Ashley is the creator of the interview series, Stay On TV. Founded in 2018, the platform highlights emerging and legendary artists to creatives in urban entertainment. Notable interviews with Jadakiss, Dapper Dan, Sheff G, and Fat Joe among many others are featured on the show. She currently works for Def Jam, a part of the Digital Marketing and Commerce department. Additionally, Ashley works as a music correspondent for entertainment digital outlet, The Knockturnal.
Ashley started her marketing career journey as an intern at Sirius XM in 2017. She later worked for Known Agency, where she helped strategize marketing campaigns for GrubHub, Sesame Workshop, and Talkspace. She also worked as a reporter and writer at a Bronx news station covering hyper local news stories.
Ashley graduated from The City College of New York with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and Journalism.
Ashley hopes to help others find their higher self and to assist turning their dreams into reality. She firmly believes it is written for her and will do whatever else God has planned for her.



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