What started as a college radio show in 2015, would soon grow to be a solid outlet for rising stars in hip-hop and urban culture. We're always supporting the REAL and showing respect to those that have paved the way. Stay On TV series gives a raw behind scene into up and coming artist lives. Exclusive interviews and documentaries with rappers, singers, fashion innovators, music executives and entrepreneurs. Follow us on Instagram! @stayontv



Creator, Executive Producer, and Host - Ashley Tiffaney

Co-Producer and Videographer - Denzel Walters 


Maui ARN on His Music Upbringing, Learning the Music Business, 'Don't Sleep on Me' EP

Get to know Long Island recording artist, Maui ARN as he sits down with Ashley Tiffaney. Maui discusses his upbringing around Caribbean music, Maui Nation, learning the business behind music industry, his passion for music, 'Don't Sleep On Me' EP and more!

AM Proper On Falling In Love with Music, Energy Pack Project, + Brooklyn

Bronx Designer, Mugzy Mcfly, On What Is Clout?, Having a Store Front, Life Purpose + More

This time around on Stay On TV, we kicked it with Bronx creative designer, Mugzy Mcfly at his clothing store, Clout Ctrl in White Plains, New York. Mugzy dropped some jewels on having a store front, the ups and downs being an entrepreneur, signs from God to keep on going on his life path, aspirations, and more. The designer also showed us around his store and elaborated on what brands are sold at his store, Young Thug wearing his brand, and more.

Brooklyn recording artist/songwriter, AM Proper, recently sat down with Ashley Tiffaney at IMI Studios. Proper talks about his latest project, "Energy Pack," finding his voice in music, Brooklyn’s influences on his music and as a person and more. Proper also took us to his studio in Brooklyn for a recording session. His childhood friend, Robbie, speaks on Proper as an artist; he says, "Proper is here to make an impact in the game."

Bronx Hip-Hop Artist, MoneySign Hines, Speaks On His Legacy, New Music, Living with  Cerebral Palsy + More

Stay On TV is back and we're kicking off the 4th season with rising hip-hop artist, MoneySign Hines, as he takes us through his childhood neighborhood in the South Bronx! In this sit down interview with Ashley Tiffaney, MoneySign Hines talks about his purpose and the legacy he wants to leave behind, how the boogie down borough shaped him, his upbringing living with Cerebral Palsy, his latest project, "From Lego to Legacy", and more. During Hines mini tour of his neighborhood, he shows Stay On TV his childhood park and middle school. Make sure to watch the full episode and of course, Stay On!

Jadakiss On Ignatius, His Past Playing Basketball, and Pop Smoke

Stay On TV caught up with Jadakiss at Saint Cassius's video shoot for "We Make It Look Good". Hip-Hop legend talks about his new album "IGNATIUS", his past playing basketball before rap, and Pop Smoke. 


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