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What started as a college radio show in 2015, would soon grow to be a solid outlet for rising stars in hip-hop and urban culture. We're always supporting the REAL and showing respect to those that have paved the way. Stay On TV series gives a raw behind scene into up and coming artist lives. Exclusive interviews and documentaries with rappers, singers, fashion innovators, music executives and entrepreneurs. Follow us on Instagram! @stayontv



Creator, Executive Producer, and Host - Ashley Tiffaney

Co-Producer and Videographer - Denzel Walters 


Emerging hip-hop artist, Tru Story, takes Stay On TV to his hood on the latest episode! In this sit down with Ashley Tiffaney, Tru Story talks about Brooklyn, why consistency is important coming up in the game, lack of support, current state of hip hop, and more. During his mini tour of his neighborhood, he shows Stay On TV his old block, the main strip, and his childhood friends were able to say a few words about the rapper. Make sure to watch the full episode and of course, Stay On! 

Brooklyn recording artist, Sleepy Hallow, latest project 'Don't Sleep' is officially out. Stay On TV caught up with him and Sheff G at Quad Studios for the release party on 10/30/19. Sleepy Hallow and label mate, Sheff G, talks about their motivation, 'Don't Sleep', and thoughts on being called the leaders of NY drill rap. Make sure you check their latest projects and of course, Stay On!
“With me not smoking, I just wanted to push myself to still be creative because I feel like that’s me at the end of the day. Weed doesn’t make me creative,” Mozzarella Mani says. Queens' recording artist talks about giving up smoking, creative and mental growth, new music, his childhood in Queens, and more with Ashley Tiffaney at IMI Studios NYC.