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  • Ashley Tiffaney

Artist Of The Week: Trife Heffner

New York City is a town full of hungry and talented artists. One hip-hop artist that shows pride in his music and growth is Trife Heffner. The rapper hails from Queens, NY and has been dropping consistent tracks such as, "Twenty3", "No Hiding", and "Gang Shit" to make his presence known throughout the rap game.

He continues to release music about his success, losses, past, future, and life lessons. Trife's latest mixtape, 'Struggle With My Brothers Get Rich With My Brothers,' shows he has lyrical word play and ready for what's to come. Knowing where you come from and who you started with is important. Trife makes that clear with everything he does. He created his business company GRWMB (Get Rich With My Brothers) to give back to the youth throughout his East Elmhurst community in Queens. Make sure you be on the look out and stay on to what's next for Trife Heffner!

Check out his latest video "Real These Days".

Follow Trife Heffner on Instagram and Twitter.

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