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  • Ashley Tiffaney

Interstate Lee Gives a Preview of New Single "Victory" Off 'State of Mind' Mixtape

Earlier today Interstate Lee surprised his Instagram followers with a preview of his new song "Victory." The single has a classical violin-driven melody that is laced with a hard base kick. Lee's laid-back delivery meshes seamlessly over the beat, making it a song you may want to put on your playlist. Right off the bat, he makes it clear the single is to motivate the people going through hard times. "This ya back against the wall shit, flawless whatchu call this."

The Brooklyn rapper has been laying low these past few months with releasing music, but not for long. Last month AR Restless released "On A Row" with Sky Soprano and Interstate Lee, and just last week Lee previewed another song titled "Big Flex." We can expect a lot more music from the MC. He told us "State of Mind" mixtape will be releasing soon via Soundcloud.

If you haven't yet heard music by Interstate Lee, you can get in tuned here. As always, Stay ON!

Preview his latest song "Victory" below.

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